HeadOverHeels.co.za Review

Website Name: Head over Heels


With over 2 million members and free membership Head over Heels is a great site for finding online romance, looking for friends or your perfect match.

Given the number of members and popularity of the website the range and variety of single people that can be browsed through online is a major benefit. There are compatibility tests and horoscope reports that can be utilized as well as opportunities to view the personal information entered on the profile. Really giving the opportunity to choose how you want to find a boyfriend or meet ladies through a range of selection options.

Every member has the option to put photographs and even video messages which is a nice personalization. Also for the shyer girl seeking a man or guy looking to find a girlfriend on line, there is the wink button. To wink at someone to let them know you are interested, but without engaging in conversation is a nice subtle option to show you are keen without fear of embarrassment.
As with all dating sites, you can search by locations, ages and characteristics. You can also browse through suitable singles online to see if anyone catches your eye. However to take full advantage of the website you do need to sign up and pay R145 a month for full access membership which enables instant messaging and access to dating chat rooms. It will also let you browse through profiles without leaving a trail behind you. So the very shy can review potential matches without needing to let them know.,

The company originates in the UK and is part of a group of online dating websites run by the group. This does mean that you only get live support through a UK telephone number or through email during standard UK working hours. One nice element is that they have a Facebook and twitter account that allows access to information and the use of social networking to share ideas and tips.

Ease of use:
 The website is quite easy to use and has functions that are straightforward to use without needing to learn anything. There are helps and hints on what to do and support you through the process. The graphics are a little too bright and some of the blue on blue text can strain the eyes. Terms and conditions of use are easily accessible.

Selection of profiles:
 The 2 million profiles is a major benefit to using this site. It has a range of people from all across South Africa and being focused on the country is a major help when browsing through the many profiles for your location or for that type you are looking for.

Star rating:
3.5/5. The site appears to offer all you could want to meet up for singles online for a date but it lacks a little in professional graphics and presentation and the fact you can do very little and reach very few people without signing up for a recurring monthly membership.

Contact details: Global Personals Limited, Minton Place, Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1EG UK and email: support@globalpersonals.co.uk